The TAPAS Project

Tracking adaptation progress in agriculture and food security using an AI-powered satellite remote sensing platform

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What is TAPAS?

It's a methodology that uses AI to identify, quantify and track climate-changed induced biomass anomalies by analysing archival & real time earth observation data.


How does TAPAS work?

It uses deep learning, advanced statistical models and ground truth data to find locations where growth patterns have been disrupted use this to make maps showing where agricultural communities have been impacted - or have adapated to - climate change


What can TAPAS do?

We can learn what local interventions have worked in the past to counter the effects of climate change in specific areas of the world - and where they need to be applied right now to optimise their impact to help the most vulnerable communities on the planet.


Winner of the SFI AI for Societal Good Challenge 2021

TAPAS is funded by Science Foundtion Ireland and the Irish Government's Department of Foreign Affairs.